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Kc4 Boysenberry Burst Kombucha

Kc4 Boysenberry Burst Kombucha
From the glorious depth of colour, to the gorgeous aroma, and on to the exquisite balance of flavour, you will be under the spell of this angelic beverage right from the start. Bursting from the bottle, the elegant flavour is a pleasure to be relished with each and every sumptuous sip.

Can be drunk by itself or used as a mixer for an alcoholic beverage.
NZ$ 33.00 - 63.00
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Kc4 Boysenberry Burst Kombucha is a delicious beverage, which is bursting with boysenberry flavour. Can be drunk by itself or used as a mixer for an alcoholic beverage.

Please note this product needs to be kept refrigerated.  It will be sent by regular courier, but should be refrigerated as soon as possible after delivery.



Purified Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Green Tea, Boysenberries, Kombucha Culture


Average Quantity Per 330ml Per 100ml
Energy 198kj 60kj
Protein 0.2g 0.1g
Fat, Total less than 1g less than 1g
- Saturated less than 1g less than 1g
Carbohydrate, Total 8.9g 2.7g
- Sugars 8.3g 2.5g
Sodium less than 5mg less than 5mg

Contains less than 1% alcohol by volume 

"I think Kc Kombucha is made well and is very good. I personally love the berry flavour the best as you can taste the fruits but it's not too hard on your taste buds.”

Emily (Age 14), Customer, Auckland

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