Orders sent Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. This helps to preserve the delicious flavour of Kc Kombucha, by not having orders sitting in courier depots over a weekend.
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"Great product, great flavour and not too sweet like many kombucha's out there.  A good addition to our non-alcoholic range of drinks and very fitting with our 'craft beverage' ethos.  Our customers really enjoy it and the staff love it too!"

Andrew, Deep Creek Brews & Eats, Browns Bay, Auckland


"We wanted an alcoholic alternative for our Members Bar.  We run a Business Club and whilst most of us enjoy a nice wine or beer on occasion, we also found that members wanted a non alcoholic option that wasn’t a soda or high sugar soft drink or juice.  The great thing about Kc Kombucha is that it looks great - straight form the bottle or poured into a wine or beer glass.  As a bonus we’ve found that it makes a great mixer with vodka or gin :)"

Debra, The Common ׀ The Entrepreneurs Playground, Parnell, Auckland


"We find this Kombucha to be very popular as it's perfectly balanced taste-wise and the bottle doesn't look like a kids soft drink and looks great in our bar fridge."

Lucie, The Lumsden Freehouse, Newmarket, Auckland


"I love the soft tart, slightly acidic flavour.  I find it cleanses the palate, and goes great with pub food or a wonderful selection of cheeses.  It’s a thumbs up from me, brilliant brew!"

Athena, Customer, Hamilton


"I'm officially a happy customer of Gail Matthew and her company Kombucha City!  Received my six pack today (very promptly) and it's by far the best kombucha I've ever tasted.  Fresh and citrusy with the lime, lightly tangy and floral without being "too fermented".  Very happy to find this excellent local product!  Cheers!"

Claire, Customer, Auckland


"Kc Kombucha is my all time favourite.  I love the fresh taste of the lime flavour.  I love it straight out of the bottle, or I pair the lime with rum, it makes such a refreshing mixer … yum!"

Janet, Customer, Christchurch


"WOW Gail, your kombucha is the BEST I have ever drank - thank you do very much for the special delivery."

Monique, Customer, Long Bay, Auckland


"When in April, 2018, I learned of Gail’s plans to start producing her own brand of Kombucha on a commercial scale I immediately thought to myself “I like the sound of this, I want to know more.”  Gail sent me some literature and samples to try; I settled for the lime flavoured brew. I am now a regular user, normally consuming half a bottle a day. I find it acts as a gentle detoxifier, leaving me feeling ‘lighter’ and very comfortable throughout my abdomen.

I’ve been taking this kombucha for well over a year now and certainly have no plans to stop, which means that Gail is stuck with me as one of her earliest and most regular customers!"

Ray (age 88), Customer, Rotorua


"I think Kc Kombucha is made well and is very good. I personally love the berry flavour the best as you can taste the fruits but it's not too hard on your taste buds.”

Emily (age 14), Customer, Auckland


"Kc Kombucha is very good. It’s so refreshing and has a sweet taste which I like.  I prefer it to the ones at the supermarket.”

Katie (age 13), Customer, Auckland