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Why Kc Kombucha?

Kc Kombucha is always:

  • Traditionally brewed
  • Stored in a fridge
  • A little sweet, a little tangy – still containing a little sugar, but not too much
  • Free of added sweeteners or unnecessary additives
  • Full bodied and full strength
  • Brewed to take advantage of the naturally occurring probiotics
  • Brewed with a scoby & starter liquid (just like you would at home)

Read on to find out why these things are all important when choosing which kombucha to drink.




We wanted our kombucha to stand out from the crowd.  As it was developed with the end user in mind, we wanted to ensure that you would feel comfortable in any situation holding a bottle of one of our brews.  We also wanted it to look good in a glass, so we ensured that the bubbles and colour looked just right, so you could pour it into a wine glass and feel right at home with your alcohol drinking friends.

What to Look For When Purchasing Kombucha

Sadly, not all kombucha is created equally.  As there are no standards currently for what is, and is not allowed to be called kombucha, anyone can throw a drink together which may resemble kombucha in some way, and call it kombucha.  And sadly, some companies are doing this in all parts of the world, including New Zealand.

A traditionally brewed, fermented, raw, unpasteurised kombucha is the only way to truly benefit from the full spectrum of health benefits on offer.  Here are a few things to look out for when purchasing a quality kombucha product:

  • Stored in a fridge - an unpasteurised kombucha needs to be kept refrigerated.
  • Sugar content - a traditionally brewed kombucha will have some sugar in it still, otherwise it will taste like vinegar.  There should be no need for added sweeteners, natural or otherwise.
  • Taste - a fermented kombucha will taste slightly tangy, slightly sweet, possibly a little sour, depending on your taste palette.  It should not taste too sweet or too tangy.  Also if the flavour tastes washed out, then the kombucha brew may have had water added before being bottled.  Some companies do this to reduce the sugar content, but unfortunately it also reduces the health benefits.
  • Probiotics - the probiotics appear naturally in a traditionally brewed kombucha, without needing to be added.  You would not normally find them listed as ingredients on the bottle.
  • Scoby - a scoby is the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.  It is a cellulose mat that sits on top of the brew while the fermentation process takes place.  This is where all the goodness comes from and you can sometimes find small versions of these on the top of the bottle that you open, although this happens rarely.  More often what you will find, is a small amount of sediment that sits in the bottom of the bottle or ooglies (the stringy floaty bits) within the drink.  All these things are evidence that a scoby was used in the process of making the drink.
  • Benefits - if you are drinking kombucha every day, you should feel the benefits in some way.

You can be sure that all Kc Kombucha is traditionally brewed, stored in a fridge, contains a little sugar, but not too much, has no added sweeteners or unnecessary additives, tastes as it should, is full bodied and full strength, has no added probiotics, just what occur naturally as part of the brewing process and we always brew with a scoby, so you get all the benefits that you can, from each and every one of our Kc Kombucha bottles. 

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