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Benefits of Kombucha

We (and you too) know what makes a great kombucha: traditionally brewed, fermented, raw, unpasteurised and fabulous tasting. Hmm, that sounds just like what we brew!

But you might just be wondering about the potential benefits of drinking kombucha:

  • probiotics - we don't add any, but they can occur naturally in a traditionally brewed kombucha. Probiotics are friendly gut bacteria which have been said to be helpful with bowel issues such as IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and diarrhea.
  • antioxidants - these are the little powerhouses which help protect the body against damage caused by free radicals (normal by-product of body processes). Tea, especially green tea, which is an ingredient of kombucha, contains antioxidants.
  • low in sugar - a great alternative to high sugar and high calorie fizzy drinks and juice, kombucha offers you a way to reduce your beverage calorie intake.
  • acetic acid - this little beauty is produced during the fermentation process. It can kill the bad bacteria in your gut, which may help with lowering inflammation and blood sugar levels as a result.
  • digestive health - thanks to all the natural goodies than can occur during the fermentation process, many kombucha drinkers have said that they have enjoyed improved digestive health, resulting in weight loss, reduced inflammation and even improved mood.

Take a look through what Kc Kombucha drinkers have said, and for even more information, contact us directly.