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Our Story

Hi, I'm Gail Matthew, Founder and Creator of Kombucha City and Kc Kombucha drinks.

Like a lot of good lessons in life, my introduction to kombucha was handed down from Mum, when she gifted me my first scoby.  The first batch was brewed, and what began as a personal journey of health and self-healing, has turned into a growing community of Kiwi Kombucha lovers who are redefining social drinking with a healthier, alcohol-free alternative.

As a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist, I know what needs to go into our bodies in order for them to function at their best.

But I also know what it's like to struggle with poor health.  I spent years overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Moving from a point of pain and dysfunction to ease and freedom was, in part, down to understanding how my body responded to the things I used to nourish it.

So, while I want to make a drink that tastes great and feels like a more sophisticated way to stay clear of alcohol or other sugary drinks, I'm also driven by something bigger.

Gail Matthew Kombucha City Auckland Kc Kombucha

I consciously choose ingredients that I know add more than just a delicious flavour.  I want people to feel like they fit into any social situation, without compromising on the choices they need to make for their own wellbeing.  And I want to build a positive community of health conscious kombucha lovers, who continue to feel inspired to put their health first, so they never end up in the position that I did.

I've tested, brewed, tasted and tried again.  Now, the result is an easy-to-drink Kombucha that looks right at home in a bar, at a barbeque or just on the balcony at the quiet end of a busy day.  In a glass or in the bottle, it's adulting for those who opt for alcohol-free.  One hundred percent naturally fermented Kombucha, and free from preservatives, additives and artificial flavours, what you get in the bottle is what I would confidently nourish my own body with.

And while we've experimented and grown from that first batch from Mum's scoby, we haven't strayed far from our home-grown roots.  Every batch of Kc Kombucha is still traditionally brewed, and still carefully fermented, bottled and delivered with a special blend of mother's love.