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Our Story

The Kombucha City Brew House began as an accidental stroke of genius when a secret family recipe was leaked to the next generation.  Our family had always been quite content with reaching the heights of novice kombucha chemistry.  That is until an unfortunate kitchen spill resulted in a brilliant brew that paraded on our pallette's in an unforgettable, delectable moment of "Mmmm."  We immediately took a family vow of covert secrecy, and remained hush-hush for, well ... at least several hours.  One slipped sip from a batch of A1, 2am-brewed kombucha by an 'outsider' propelled us helplessly into a business that was too good not to share with everyone.  Yes, our late-night undercover runs to our garden trailer 'lab' while the kids were snoozing had finally been revealed, and before we knew it, we were 'Breaking Good' all over the place - so we went with it.

Kc Kombucha food trailer in garden

We were off the radar when we first started brewing in a rural area in the Bay of Plenty.  Our family farm, number 332, was located in a dark territory that gave us the freedom we needed to concoct our kombucha magic without being discovered.  Everything that happened in that kitchen was kept in the family.  Everything.  And, we had a lot of fun with P2P (going from party to party).  But we soon realised that our addictive lifestyle, Kombuchism, was spiraling our family into a happy, Pseudoephedrine-free euphoria!  Our new Kc Kombucha was infiltrating its way into our ever-increasing jubilence and health.  We felt as if we'd found the cure to life itself!

Sure, at first our Kombucha was similar to all of the other Kombucha available, but we wanted something unique, natural and special.  So, we had committed to experimenting with ingredients every night until the cows came home. (No, seriously.  When the cows actually came home after being out all night, we stopped what we were doing and took a nap.  We were on a farm, after all).  Little did we know that our efforts would come to fruition when "elbow A" unwittingly bumped into ingredient "B" causing it to mix with element "C".  We had given birth to Kc Kombucha fortuitously!

We'd share our beloved kombucha scobys with other family members, knowing full well that one trivial spat between any of us could cause the other to flip.  And we weren't about to take our chances on letting all of that goodness out to just anyone, so we behaved as best we could.  It wasn't always easy knowing that at any time a secret kombucha rat patrol agent could swing open the door of our mini-sized kombuchery kitchen while we were cooking up a batch, leaving us banjo-eyed and busted.  Yet we persisted, and it paid off.

Our inspired heroine with the magic elbow, Gail, had found a way to the purest of natural scoby, which is now the staple at the Kombucha City Brew House.  We've come a long way from the first time we found a mule to carry our special sauce (full strength and never diluted) all the way to Torbay, North Shore, Auckland.  Our intention, even at that time, was not to spread all the goodness to the world.  Not all at once, anyway.  That's why brewing small batches from our food trailer in the back garden was intentional.  There, we could ensure the all-natural fermentation method and preserve the authenticity of the traditional brewing process.  We were as proud and protective then as we are now, right down to making the tea, capping the bottles, and adhering the labels with our own hands.

About Gail

If there is a diva in the world of kombucha, it is most certainly our very own Gail Matthew, ruler of Kc Kombucha and all things healthful.  Gail has always been fascinated with natural health, and as a fully qualified Naturopath, certified Medical Herbalist, and breaker of all things good, she was the first person on earth to identify kombucha as an essential element of life.  Ok, maybe not the first person on earth.  Kombucha's origin and its many health benefits date back to the Tsin Dynasty (around 221 - 226 BC).  But Gail was, without doubt, the first person to declare kombucha goodness to all who lived on the farm!  Ok, maybe not the first person on the farm either, that would have been Gail's Mum.  But Gail was definitely there, honest!

Gail Matthew Kombucha City Auckland Kc Kombucha

Gail is a Kc Kombucha loyalist, and there is no scoby that can match the dedication and love that goes into every batch.  For them, it's a family affair and a healthy lifestyle they have embraced and love to share.  Gail and her fellow "booch-makers' blend herbs with passion and altruism to create and share flavours of Kc Kombucha goodness.  The gluten-free, raw, vegan, probiotic qualities of Kc Kombucha will harmonise your body into a naturally balanced, energetic state of health.  Free of preservatives, additives, and artificial flavours, Kc Kombucha is your low sugar, non-alcoholic drink of choice when you're socialising.  Yep!  It turns out that kombucha is a yummy fermented drink that contains live culture ... and it's good for you.  Shh, don't tell anyone!  Kc Kombucha is all about "Breaking Good".