We only send orders on Monday or Tuesday, as this ensures that your Kc Kombucha gets to you quickly.  With recurring courier problems, we don't want your order sitting in a courier depot over a weekend.  By doing this, we preserve the delicious flavour of our kombucha.  Thanks for your patience.


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With NZ's favourite Kombucha flavours, we can't blame you for wanting to drink it wherever you go and whenever you want. The good news is, you can!

With its beer-like bottle and slick branding, our kombucha has been designed to look right at home in bars and cafes. Once poured into a glass it can look like a sparkling wine or cider. The fact that it tastes so good is the icing on the top.

If you're wanting something more, you can even use it as a mixer with your favourite spirit. Its fresh, effervescent taste will add another dimension to your chosen tipple.

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Man drinking Kc Kombucha at bar in New Zealand


Great product, great flavour and not too sweet like many kombucha's out there.  A good addition to our non-alcoholic range of drinks and very fitting with our 'craft beverage' ethos. Our customers really enjoy it and the staff love it too!"

Andrew, Deep Creek Brews & Eats, Browns Bay, Auckland


Kc Kombucha in wine glass at bar in New Zealand


Taste is important. We get that and you know it. That's what makes our three kombucha flavours so popular. 

  • Kc2 Japanese Lime - refreshing, not too sweet and with a lemon-lime citrus taste. Aromatic, crisp and oh so yummy!
  • Kc3 Springtime - the ultimate kombucha tea, made from a base of black tea and flower petals. A great thirst quencher!
  • Kc4 Boysenberry Burst - bursting with boysenberry flavour and with a glorious depth of colour. Elegant and aromatic.

Each of our unique kombucha flavours can be enjoyed as they are or used as a mixer for your favourite alcoholic beverage. 

Available for purchase in single flavour packs, mixed flavour packs and as a kombucha subscription, ensuring you can enjoy your favourite drink whenever and wherever you want.


I'm officially a happy customer of Gail Matthew and her company Kombucha City!  Received my six pack today (very promptly) and it's by far the best kombucha I've ever tasted.  Fresh and citrusy with the lime, lightly tangy and floral without being "too fermented".  Very happy to find this excellent local product!  Cheers!"

Claire, Customer, Auckland


Buy Kc Kombucha Online

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Where Can I Buy the Best Kombucha in NZ?

Well, right here at our online kombucha shop! We're also pleased to say that it's available at many great bars and cafes throughout Auckland and the country. If it's not yet at your favourite spot, tell them to get into action and start stocking Kc Kombucha. We know it won't be just you wanting to drink it - once the word is out, it will become a firm favourite with all their customers!