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Man drinking Kc Kombucha at bar in New Zealand


Kc Kombucha has been designed to look right at home in a bar or cafe.

With it's beer like bottle & slick branding, if you drink it from the bottle you'll feel right at home with your beer drinking friends.

Once poured into a glass it can look like a sparkling wine or cider.

And best of all, it tastes great, so you can enjoy an alcohol free evening.

Why not try it as a mixer with your favourite spirit?  It's fresh, effervescent taste can add another dimension to your chosen tipple.



Great product, great flavour and not too sweet like many kombucha's out there.  A good addition to our non-alcoholic range of drinks and very fitting with our 'craft beverage' ethos.  Our customers really enjoy it and the staff love it too!"

Andrew, Deep Creek Brews & Eats, Browns Bay, Auckland


Kc Kombucha in wine glass at bar in New Zealand


The cool, refreshing feeling of our famous Kc3 Springtime Kombucha running down your throat, quenching your thirst and making your body happy. 

The feeling as you see your friends mixing their gin with sodas and other baddies while you mix yours with the incredible Kc2 Japanese Lime Kombucha, providing your body with the antioxidants and probiotics that it needs. 

The feeling of a cool, fresh out the chilly bin Kc4 Boysenberry Burst Kombucha, as you sit in the sun with your friends, on a summers day, soaking in the rays as you realise how much you love life. 

Go on, try one, you know you want to ...


I'm officially a happy customer of Gail Matthew and her company Kombucha City!  Received my six pack today (very promptly) and it's by far the best kombucha I've ever tasted.  Fresh and citrusy with the lime, lightly tangy and floral without being "too fermented".  Very happy to find this excellent local product!  Cheers!"

Claire, Customer, Auckland


Buy Kc Kombucha Online

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Kc Kombucha - You can TASTE the difference!

Like a lot of good lessons in life, my introduction to kombucha was handed down from Mum, when she gifted me my first scoby.  I tested, brewed, tasted and tried again.  The result is now an easy-to-drink kombucha that looks right at home in a bar, at a barbeque or just on the balcony at the quiet end of a busy day.

In a glass or in the bottle, it's adulting for those who opt for alcohol-free.  One hundred percent naturally fermented kombucha, and free from preservatives, additives and artificial flavours.  

And while we've experimented and grown from that first batch from Mum's scoby, we haven't strayed far from our home-grown roots.  Every batch of Kc Kombucha is traditionally brewed, and still carefully fermented, bottled and delivered with a special blend of mother's love.