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Kc Kombucha Custom Mixed 6 Pack

Kc Kombucha Custom Mixed 6 Pack
Create a mixed case by choosing your own custom combo from any or all of our delicious Kc Kombucha flavours.

Total of 6 x 330ml bottles
NZ$ 33.00 including GST
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Select your own custom combo from the following flavours:

  • Kc2 Japanese Lime Kombucha is a refreshing, not too sweet beverage, with a lemon-lime citrus flavour. 
  • Kc3 Springtime Kombucha is a slightly sweetened beverage made from a base of black tea and flower petals.
  • Kc4 Boysenberry Burst Kombucha is a delicious beverage which is bursting with boysenberry flavour.

All of these flavours can be drunk by themselves or used as a mixer for an alcoholic beverage.

Please note this product needs to be kept refrigerated. It will be sent by regular courier, but should be refrigerated as soon as possible after delivery.


Kc2 Japanese Lime

Purified Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Green Tea, Lime Pieces, Lemon Pieces, Daisies, Kombucha Culture


Kc3 Springtime

Purified Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Black Tea, Green Tea, Jasmine, Rose, Sunflower & Calendula Flowers, Kombucha Culture


Kc4 Boysenberry Burst

Purified Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Green Tea, Boysenberries, Kombucha Culture


Please see individual flavour pages for their nutritional information.


All flavours contain less than 1% alcohol by volume

"We wanted an alcoholic alternative for our Members Bar. We run a Business Club and whilst most of us enjoy a nice wine or beer on occasion, we also found that members wanted a non alcoholic option that wasn’t a soda or high sugar soft drink or juice. The great thing about KC Kombucha is that it looks great - straight form the bottle or poured into a wine or beer glass. As a bonus we’ve found that it makes a great mixer with vodka or gin :)”

Debra, The Common ׀ The Entrepreneurs Playground, Parnell, Auckland

(rural surcharge applies)